Caribou Coffee K Cups

Caribou Coffee K Cups were a pleasant surprise to us. Caribou has a certain uniqueness about it that we doubted could be transferred over to a k cup. They really did an excellent job. While there are some definite misses in the Caribou k cup lineup, there are also some "must trys."

If you like medium dark roasts, you should definitely give Caribou's Mahogany try. Their description mentions "leather" and "wood." We didn't think that sounded too appealing, but after tasting this coffee, we think the description is spot on (and the coffee is very good). The nice thing about this coffee is that it is truly unique. It makes a great k cup to add some variety to your coffee line-up.

The other real stand out is the Daybreak Morning Blend. This is definitely for fans of light roasts. What we really like about this particular coffee is that it avoids the thin sourness that is so typical in morning coffees. If you like a nice breakfast blend, this should be one of the first ones you try.

Where to Buy

  • Target (for the Caribou Obsidian)

Full List of Caribou Coffee K Cups
Here is a full list of the offerings from Caribou Coffee along with our thoughts on each.

Dark Roasts

  • Mahogany — We recommended this k cup above, but our tasters were all over the place on this coffee. It is unique (leather and wood notes), so it makes a welcome addition if you like variety. It's rich and sweet and totally devoid of bitterness.
  • French Roast — This is a solid French Roast, but there are better ones out there (Tully's French comes immediately to mind). Caribou's French is more of a medium-dark and does not have the smoky char that we expect in a French roast.
  • Obsidian — This is one of our favorite k cups. It's quite dark but doesn't have any smoky char. It's smooth with a complex flavor (chocolate, berries, toasted grain). It reminds us a lot of the Green Mountain Dark Magic, but we actually have a slight preference for the Obsidian. The one problem is that as far as we know, this k cup is sold only at Target.

Medium Roasts

  • Caribou Blend — A solid medium blend. It is on the lighter side, but has good flavor. We do wish it had a little more complexity.
  • Colombia — Another good medium roast from Caribou. While this one is solid, we think there are better Colombians out there.

Light Roasts

  • Daybreak Morning Blend — This has pretty substantial flavor for a light roast. Very smooth with a pleasant taste.


  • Caribou Blend Natural Decaf — As with the leaded version, the decaf is a good medium blend. It lacks a little in the complexity department, but is a decent decaf option.


  • Caribou Coffee does not offer any flavored coffee at this time.

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