Coffee People: Coffee for the Average Joe

Coffee People caters to the hard working person who just loves coffee. If you like to take a sip of coffee and contemplate on its "brilliant floral aromas and light citrus overtones," then Coffee People won't be your cup of ... um ... coffee. If, on the other hand, your a fan of pure, rugged, in-your-face, coffee, then take a look at what this company has to offer. Their coffee is designed to be bold and straight forward. Let's take a look at their offerings. Following the list, we'll give some recommendations for you to try.

Dark Roasts

  • Jet Fuel — This coffee is strong but not as much as we expected. It has a heavy charred flavor. We'd pass on this one.
  • Black Tiger — Mixed reviews from our tasting panel. Some really liked it; some thought it was just average. Black Tiger has a definite earthy flavor and a uniqueness that makes it worth trying.

Medium Roasts

  • Donut Shop — There's no wow factor here, but it's a rock solid medium roast. When most people here coffee, this is what they're expecting
  • Tree Hugger Fair Trade Organic — This is the one coffee that doesn't seem to fit with the rest. Tree Hugger is and exceptional medium roast, with berry and chocolate notes. We prefer most coffees black, but a little bit of cream brought Tree Hugger to a whole new level.

Light Roasts

  • None currently available. Light roasts demand finesse, which isn't exactly the focus of this company.


  • Donut Shop Decaf — This is solid, but unexceptional decaf. We definitely recommend drinking this one hot as it takes on an intense bite as it cools.

There is one real stand-out in the lineup: Tree Hugger Fair Trade Organic. The website's description is spot on. There is a definite berry and chocolate flavor. This coffee is slightly on the thin side, but it is still one of the best medium roasts available in a k cup.

The dark roasts are a little more difficult to give a recommendation for. Black Tiger is one of the most interesting with its earthy, smoky flavor. Jet Fuel is one of the strongest k cups out there and has a burnt flavor reminiscent of Starbucks.

So, the choice here depends on personal taste. We hear rave reviews of both dark roasts, but we also hear strong criticisms of them as well. In the end, we can't recommend either, but we would encourage you to try one of them if it sounds interesting. You might find that it ends up being one of your favorite k cups.

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