Diedrich Coffee

Diedrich Coffee is somewhat like Tully's in that both of these companies seek to make a few great coffees, rather than making a lot of so-so varieties. While we like this philosophy (and it works well for Tully's), we feel like these coffees are ultimately dissapointing. It's not that any of them are bad (most are quite good); it's just that none of them have a real "Wow!" factor. Nearly every other k cup roaster has at least one or two k cups that we crave. On a scale of one to ten, nearly every Diedrich offering registers at about a 7. This is just our take, however. You can't go wrong by picking up a few of these to try out.

Not surprisingly, we find it hard to recommend a particular k cup by this roaster. All of them are good but none of them are great.

But, hey, we're writing a recommendations section, right, so here it goes. The Morning Edition is a solid breakfast blend. We have a definite preference for Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend, but the Morning Edition would be nice to have in the rotation as well.

The French Roast is worth trying out as well. We have a slight preference for Tully's French Roast, but Diedrich's version is a solid offering as well. In fact about a third of our tasters preferred the more "in your face" nature of Diedrich's option. Give this one a try if you like the charred smokiness of a good French Roast.

Update: Diedrich is no longer available on Keurig or Green Mountain's site. This is not a significant loss, but we're always sad to see any options disappear for our Keurig. We'll leave this web page up for now since it's still possible to find these k cups through other sources.

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