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Gloria Jeans Coffee is an interesting animal, and it presents a certain difficulty for a site like this. With a few notable exceptions, most k cups offered by Gloria Jean's are not for those who love coffee — they're for those who love a hint of coffee with their cream and sugar.

The flavored coffees are almost all too weak for our liking; but if you prefer light, flavored coffees, you should give Gloria Jean's a try.

While this company is known for their flavored offerings, the real stand out in their k cup lineup is their one dark roast, Black Gold. This one is truly great. It has an intense, smokey flavor that lovers of strong coffee will really appreciate. Unfortunately, Black Gold has been discontinued and is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

If you're on the other end of the coffee spectrum and prefer light coffees, we would recommend Butter Toffee (it tastes like a Werther's Original) and Swiss Chocolate Almond. The company assures us that there is coffee somewhere in these drinks, but it's really hard to detect.

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Full List of K Cups by Gloria Jean's Coffee
We've compiled all the Gloria Jean's k cups here along with our tasters' notes.

Dark Roasts

  • Black Gold — Wonderful rich, smokey flavor. One of the best dark roasts available in a k cup.

Medium Roasts

  • Special Blend — This is a decent medium blend. It is smooth but lacks body and complexity.

Light Roasts

  • Gloria Jean's does not currently offer any light roast k cups.


  • Hazelnut Decaf — Definitely not. It smells great while brewing but is bordering on repulsive in the cup.


  • Butter Toffee — Reminds us of a liquid version of the Werther's candy. Very pleasant.
  • French Vanilla Supreme — A long-time favorite, Gloria Jean's French Vanilla Supreme coffee offers a pure vanilla taste.
  • Hazelnut — Same as decaf above. Smells great, Tastes horrible.
  • Mudslide — Light chocolate taste without any weird artificial flavor. In the end, though, our tasters found this to be weak and non-descript.
  • Swiss Chocolate Almond — Nice chocolate flavor with a hint of almond. This one's quite good.

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