Green Mountain Coffee K Cups:
So Many K Cups, So Little Time

You can find Green Mountain Coffee K Cups for nearly every roast and every flavor imaginable. This is not surprising since Green Mountain Coffee Roasters owns much of the k cup industry. Keurig, Tully's, Newman's Own, Caribou, and Timothy's are all subsidiaries of Green Mountain.

Ordinarily, one company owning such a large share of an industry would be a significant negative as quality could easily slip due to lack of competition. Fortunately, Green Mountain has not fallen into this trap. They are a superbly run company, and Green Mountain K Cups will almost certainly be staples in your coffee lineup.

The difficulty is deciding which of the many Green Mountain Coffee pods to try. We'll try to help you with this daunting task.

Dark Magic is one of the most popular k cups out there, and for good reason. This medium-dark roast is full of complexity and makes a great every day cup of coffee. A great additional bonus is that many of you will find a box of this particular blend at your local Target or supermarket.

If you prefer a medium roast, consider the Vermont Country Blend and the Colombian Fair Trade Select. Both are among the best medium roasts out there.

We'd also like to highlight the Donut Shop Chocolate Glazed Donut as a truly solid flavored option.

For additional recommendations, take a look at the list below with all of the coffees we've tasted from Green Mountain. We'll put the real standouts in bold.

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Full List of Green Mountain Coffee K Cups
We've compiled all the Green Mountain coffee pods here. Since there are so many coffees offered by Green Mountain, we've bolded the ones that we feel are particularly noteworthy. We'd recommend that you try these first.

Dark Roast Green Mountain Coffee K Cups

  • Dark Magic (Extra Bold) — Dark and complex, but not overly bitter
  • Newman's Own Special Blend (Extra Bold) — Similar to Dark Magic but without the great complexity. This coffee is good but lacks a little character.
  • Sumatran Reserve (Extra Bold) — This is a solid Sumatran: earthy with a rich body. However, our tasters were somewhat divided. A few loved it, but most found it lacking in brightness and real character.
  • Kenya AA (Extra Bold) — If you've heard of a coffee tasting "winey," but never understood, try this one. This is a very good Kenyan coffee with definite fruit (blackberry?) notes.
  • Double Black Diamond (Extra Bold) — This one is dark and exceptionally smooth. There's no nuance to this one. It's just in-your-face full, rich coffee.
  • Lake & Lodge — We felt this was over-roasted with a definite taste of ash (like licking an ash tray). Some people may like this burnt taste, but it wasn't for us.
  • French Roast — Just OK for a French Roast. There are a lot better French Roasts out there.

Medium Roast Green Mountain Coffee K Cups

  • Colombian Fair Trade Select — If you're a fan of Colombian coffee, this is an excellent choice. Caramel and fruity, but with enough substance to stand up to cream and sugar if you so choose.
  • Vermont Country Blend — Ultra smooth with a touch of acidity. A few of our testers felt it was a little thin in the mouth, but the majority thought this was a real winner.
  • Nantucket Blend — Just OK. Lacks any real character.

Light Roast Green Mountain Coffee K Cups

  • Our Blend — Light and sweet. This is OK for a light roast but didn't really stand out in any way.
  • Breakfast Blend — Light, with citrus notes. Definitely not for every one but is a solid light roast.

Decaf Green Mountain Coffee K Cups

  • Half-Caff — OK, this is not really a decaf, but where else should we put it? This is a solid coffee with a nice bit of brightness. Definitely worth a try if you're limiting your caffeine intake.
  • Dark Magic Decaf (Extra Bold) — Does a good job at maintaining the complexity of the fully-leaded version.
  • Newman's Own Organic Special Decaf — Very similar to the caffeinated version. This one is a solid choice.
  • Vermont Country Blend Decaf — Another solid decaf. Very similar to the caffeinated version.
  • Breakfast Blend Decaf — A good decaf if you enjoy light roasts.
  • French Vanilla Decaf — A decent option if you like vanilla in your coffee. None of our tasters like the combination, but it's good for what it is.
  • Hazelnut Decaf — Very light roast with a buttery taste. This was not our preference.

Flavored Green Mountain Coffee K Cups

  • Hazelnut Dark Roast (Extra Bold) — Pretty solid coffee. Many flavored coffees have a harsh aftertaste, but his one's pretty good.
  • Caramel Vanilla Cream — Another good flavored coffee. Very mild.
  • French Vanilla — This is one of the better vanilla coffees if you like this combination of flavors.
  • Hazelnut — Very light roast. OK, but we think there are better options.
  • Mocha Nut Fudge — Smells fantastic when brewing (like a tootsie roll), but just lacks something when it comes to taste. We'd recommend passing on this.
  • Southern Pecan — This was our favorite of the "nutty coffees."
  • Wild Mountain Blueberry (Fair Trade) — This is definitely not for everyone. It has a strong, blueberry flavor that the majority of our tasters really liked. There was no middle ground on this one. Some of us loved us; some of us despised it.
  • Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut — Again, not for everyone (no flavored coffee is). This is thin coffee but has a nice light buttery, chocolate flavor.
  • Donut House Cinnamon Roll — Nope. Don't do it.

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