Grindmaster OPOD: An
In-Depth Review

The Grindmaster OPOD has been the gold standard in the world of pod brewers ever since it appeared on the market. Along side of the Bunn MCU, the OPOD is the most discussed brewer on the internet. It has achieved almost legendary status. We were a little skeptical when we first purchased this brewer, but, honestly, it lives up to all the hype. There's one major drawback that we'll mention at the outset: this brewer is no longer manufactured and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a used one for sale.


  • PrecisionBrewTM — "Provides the ideal cup every time"
  • BrewControlTM — "Adjustable brew strength control allows users to fine tune their flavor preferences"
  • Adjustable Brewing Temperature — 185-200 degrees
  • SmartstopTM Automatic Water Shutoff — Water shuts off when pod door is open
  • Programmable Cup Size
  • Dual Water System — Brewer can be plumbed into a water line or manually filled
  • 80oz Water Reservoir


  • 8.25" wide, 14" deep, 14.25" tall
  • 12 lb empty, 15 lb full
  • 1300 watts
  • 120VAC/60hz
  • UL approved for household use only
  • Brewing time: approximately 30 seconds per cup

Price — $349.99 Retail

Grindmaster OPOD Review

When we took this coffee brewer out of its box, the first thing we noticed was that this is truly a commercial quality machine. We had seen this machine listed as "commercial grade" but figured this was some kind of a gimmick. It definitely was not. The machine is built like a tank.

The next key thing we noticed was that this brewer has four different brewing settings: light, medium, strong, and tea.

  • The "light" setting simply runs water through the pod.
  • The "medium" setting gives an initial pulse of water to pre-wet the pod. The machine then waits for a few moments before beginning the brewing process. This pre-wetting significantly increases the extraction.
  • The "strong" setting continues the pulses of water throughout the brewing process for stronger extraction.
  • The "tea" setting uses a number of small pulses throughout.

These multiple brewing options are excellent and put a good deal of control in the hands of the user.

Another thing we really liked about this machine was that it brews using 200 degree water by default. This is one of the hottest brewing temperatures available for a one cup coffee maker, and it is evident in the quality of the coffee. The brew temperature can be adjusted down to 180 degrees.

It's almost impossible to beat the OPOD in terms of reliability. The machine is built to brew hundreds of cups of coffee a day in a corporate setting. Despite the quality of the machine, we would urge you to take great caution when buying one of these machines used. The first generation of the machine was notorious for overheating. Later generations added a fan to help with cooling, but some of the older models are still being sold online.

Bottom Line

The Grindmaster OPOD is as good as it gets in the one cup coffee world. This machine brews tremendous coffee and gives you all the options you could want. This quality, however, comes with a price. Even a used OPOD will be significantly more expensive than any other pod brewer. If you love coffee pods and want the best brewer regardless of price, see if you can find one of these used on eBay. Honestly, though, if you're looking for a pod brewer, we'd recommend going with the Bunn MCU. It's easy to find online, is a good deal less expensive, and is virtually identical to the OPOD in terms of the quality of coffee that is produced.

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