Welcome to the World of K Cups

The Keurig k cups remind me of those little creamer containers, only on steroids. These litle plastic cups are the heart and soul behind Keurig's technology. Each one is individually sealed for freshness, and inside is a paper filter filled with coffee grounds.

The system is pretty simple. The Keurig Coffee Maker puts a hole in the top of the cup and a hole in the bottom. The machine then forces 192 degree water through the top. The water passes through the coffee grounds and through the filter. The brewed coffee then comes out the hole at the bottom and into your mug below. The k cup itself is then simply tossed into the trash. Convenient.

What Does "Extra Bold" Mean?
Some cups are listed as "extra bold." This term can be a little confusing. It does not refer to the the type of coffee roast itself, but rather to the quantity of the coffee. There is roughly 20% more coffee grounds in a cup labeled as extra bold. This will result in a stronger cup of coffee, even though the coffee itself may be a medium roast.

There are a number of roasters who make coffee for Keurig brewers (click on the links for a thorough breakdown of each).

With roughly 200 different varieties of k cups on the market, we thought it would be helpful to give some direction as to which coffees are worth your consideration. To make these recommendations most beneficial, we offer six different lists. Because, let's face it. If you enjoy a dark, dark roast, you'll probably not like a light flavored coffee (like Green Mountain's Island Coconut) no matter how good the coffee is. We'll give a basic list below. Soon, you will be able to click on a particular category for a more in-depth breakdown of those coffees.

Suggested Dark Roast K Cups

  • Tully's French Roast — Smoky, but not overly so. Full of flavor and bold enough for nearly any dark roast fan.
  • Van Houtte Eclipse —About as strong as they come. A definite bitter note but still good flavor as well.
  • Gloria Jean's Black Gold — Dark and rich with a very distinct smoky taste.
  • Green Mountain Double Black Diamond — Bold coffee, yet remarkably smooth.

Suggested Medium-Dark Roasts

  • Green Mountain Dark Magic — Complex flavors in this coffee. Dark and rich with a hint of bitterness.
  • Newman's Own Organics Special Blend — Solid coffee. Moderately bold with a slight bitterness
  • Tully's Sumatra — Our favorite Sumatran. Spicy but not overly strong.
  • Van Houtte Napoletano — Sweet, dark, and smooth. Wonderful aroma.

Suggested Medium Roast K Cups

  • Coffee People Tree Hugger — Smooth and well-balanced. No bitterness.
  • Green Mountain Kenyan AA — Bright and fruity. Very winey. Drink black if at all possible.
  • Green Mountain 10% Kona Blend — Our favorite of the Kona blends. Smooth and sweet.
  • Green Mountain National Wildlife Blend — Very pleasant coffee. Smooth with a nice hint of chocolate.
  • Tully's Madison Blend — Another great medium roast. Well balanced with a hint of chocolate.
  • Van Houtte Pink Ribbon — Very good. Sweet (like caramelized sugar), with a full body.

Suggested Light Roasts

  • Van Houtte Costa Rica Tarrazu — Excellent light roast. Silky smooth.
  • Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend — Sweet with a clean finish.
  • Green Mountain Heifer Hope Blend — Sweet and winey. Very light and very smooth.

Suggested Decaf K Cups

  • Timothy's Rainforest Espresso Decaf (Dark Roast) — If you like a dark roast decaf, go no further. This one's excellent.
  • Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf (Medium-Dark) — Almost as good as the leaded version. Complex and rich.
  • Newman's Own Organics Special Blend Decaf (Medium-Dark) — Again, this decaf is nearly as good as the original.
  • Timothy's Columbian Decaf (Medium) — A really excellent medium decaf.
  • Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend Decaf (Medium) — Not quite as good as the caffeinated version, but still smooth and enjoyable.

Suggested Flavored K Cups

  • Van Houtte Raspberry Chocolate Truffle — We don't generally like flavored coffees, but this one's truly excellent. Wonderful smell.
  • Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry — Light on the coffee, heavy on the blueberry. This isn't for everyone, but many will really like this one.
  • Green Mountain Rain Forest Nut — A nice light, nutty flavor. No "chemical" taste that's common in flavored coffees.
  • Timothy's German Chocolate Cake — Interesting coffee. Solid chocolate flavor with a hint of coconut. We recommend drinking this one black.
  • Green Mountain Island Coconut — While brewing, this has a strong coconut smell, but the flavor is light in the cup. Very light roast.

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