Keurig B40: A Closer Look at Keurig's "Elite"

The Keurig B40 is an entry-level model, but it is a great brewer in its own right.


  • 2 brew sizes7.25oz standard cup9.25oz mug
  • Quiet brew technology
  • Removable 48oz water reservoir
  • Removable drip tray
  • Auto Off Feature


  • 11" wide, 13" deep, 13.5" tall
  • 12 lb empty, 15 lb full
  • 1500 watts
  • 120VAC/60hz
  • UL approved for household use only
  • Brewing time: approximately 30 seconds per cup
  • One year limited warranty

Keurig B40 Elite Review
Before launching in to the full review, we want to make sure one thing is crystal clear. All of Keurig's coffee makers use the exact same technology when brewing a cup of coffee. While the B40 is the least expensive of the full sized k cup brewers, it will produce the exact same quality of coffee as the machines that cost twice as much. We mention this because we have heard from a number of people who completely ignored this machine because they wanted the "best" coffee possible. Don't fall into this trap.

In comparison to the rest of the k cup brewers, the B40 lacks a little in the style department. There is no LCD display panel or cool blue light in the water reservoir. The B40 is pretty much just a plain black machine. For most people, this lack of flare will be no major hang up, but it is a consideration when purchasing any appliance.

Moving from style to functionality, the B40 gives you the option to brew two different drop sizes (7.25 oz. and 9.25oz). Keep in mind that you only use one k cup when brewing, so a 9.25oz mug of coffee will be considerably weaker than a 7.25oz cup. As a result, we don't use the drop sizes to determine how much coffee we want but on how strong a coffee we want.

You'll see that the more expensive k cup brewers add other drop sizes as well (like 3.25oz, 5.25oz, and 11.25oz). Our general take is that most people will be perfectly content with the 7.25oz setting. If you do like your coffee really strong, look at one of the other models that have a 5.25oz setting (like the B60 or the B70).

Another key feature of the Keurig Elite is the 48oz water reservoir. This is on the smaller side as far as k cup brewers go. If you're looking for a brewer that will be used by only one person, the 48oz reservoir is perfectly sufficient. For two people, that size is acceptable (though you should at least consider a model with a reservoir of 60oz or more). If more than two people will be using the machine, we strongly recommend skipping the B40 (and even the B60) and moving up to one of the more expensive models to get a larger water reservoir. You won't regret it.

Reliability is a major consideration when purchasing any machine. Fortunately, the B40 is an excellently-constructed machine. Complaints about its quality are few and far between. Some of the more expensive models (like the B60 and B70) have had consistent problems with the water pump. For some reason, the B40 has avoided this particular problem.

Customer Service
Keurig's customer service is absolutely outstanding. If anything goes wrong with your machine during the one year warranty, Keurig is a breeze to work with.

Bottom Line
The Keurig B40 is really a fantastic machine. The unit retails for $109.95, making it an ideal choice for the cost-conscious consumer who wants a k cup brewer with little or no frills. This machine also seems to be on sale every time we turn around.

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