Keurig B60: A Closer Look at Keurig's "Special Edition"

The Keurig B60 has become a mainstay in Keurig's line.


  • 3 brew sizes
    5.25oz intense cup
    7.25oz standard cup
    9.25oz mug
  • Digital clock, program on/off times
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • Quiet brew technology
  • Backlit LCD & reservoir
  • Removable 48oz water reservoir
  • Removable drip tray
  • Chrome handle and faceplate


  • 10" wide, 13.25" deep, 13" tall
  • 12 lb empty, 15 lb full
  • 1500 watts
  • 120VAC/60hz
  • UL approved for household use only
  • Brewing time: approximately 30 seconds per cup

Keurig B60 Special Edition Review
Keurig describes the B60 as their "mid-luxury" home brewing system. While this was true when the machine first came out, the B60 is now more of a "mid-budget" model. This is not a knock on the brewer. For many people the Keurig B60 would make an excellent fit. It has all of the most important features and comes at a very reasonable price. Let's take a look at the main features of this machine.

As far as brewing goes, all of the k cup brewers produce coffee in exactly the same way. 7.25oz cups of coffee brewed by a B40, a B60, or a B70 (or the more expensive Breville or Cuisinart machines) will taste absolutely identical.

The B60 gives you the option of choosing from three different drop sizes (5.25oz, 7.25 oz. and 9.25oz). We really like this option, but probably not for the reason most people suppose. We don't use the drop sizes to determine how much coffee we want but on how strong a coffee we want. Since only one k cup is used in a brewing cycle, the 5.25oz setting will produce a much more concentrated cup of coffee than the larger sizes.

You'll see that some of the more expensive k cup brewers add other drop sizes as well (like 3.25oz and 11.25oz). Our general take is that most people don't need any more than what the B60 offers. While the option of brewing an 11.25oz cup might seem attractive, the coffee will be too weak for many coffee drinkers.

The next main feature of the Keurig Special Edition is the 48oz water reservoir. This is a little on the smaller side as far as k cup brewers are concerned. If you're looking for a brewer that will be used by only one person, the 48oz reservoir is perfectly sufficient. For two people, that size is acceptable (though you should at least consider a model with a reservoir of 60oz or more). If more than two people will be using the machine, we strongly recommend going with one of the more expensive models to get a larger water reservoir.

The third key feature of the Keurig B60 is the option to adjust the brewing temperature between 187 and 192 degrees (192 degrees is default). We like having this as an option, but, honestly, most people will be content leaving the brewer set at the default temperature of 192.

The final feature is the general appearance. Only you can decide if you like the style. Our take on it is that the Keurig Special Edition is kind of like a Toyota Corolla. It looks just fine. It's not really sleek or stylish, but it looks good enough that most people will be perfectly pleased. The Keurig B60's backlit screen is decent in size and easy to read. The one thing that is cool about the style is the blue light in the reservoir. We love the look of that. The light is also a practical feature that lets you know when the reservoir needs refilled.

One negative you should be aware of is the noise. The B60 brewer is substantially louder than the higher end models. The loudest sounds occur when the water pump is refilling the internal tank. It really is noisy for about 4-5 seconds. Most of our testers have not found this too annoying, but keep it in mind when choosing a Keurig brewer. If sound is a significant issue for you, take a look at the next model up, the Keurig B70.

We think reliability is a very important issue. The Keurig B60 is a nicely-built brewer. We've had our Keurig B60 for almost 3 years now and have brewed about 3,500 cups of coffee without a single issue. Most of the feedback we've received from users on the reliability of the Keurig Special Edition is also overwhelmingly positive. The B60 does have one weakness and that is the water pump. There have been a number of complaints of the pump failing during the first year. Keurig pulled a number of these machines in 2009 for the water pump issue. Keurig supposedly "fixed" the water pump issue in the summer of 2010; however, we're still hearing enough problems that we would not call this resolved. The situations appears to be improved but not fixed.

Customer Service
Even though this machine has had some water pump issues in the past, we can still recommend it because of Keurig's outstanding customer service. If anything goes wrong with your machine during the one year warranty, Keurig is a breeze to work with.

Bottom Line
The Keurig B60 Special Edition is one of our favorite machines and is definitely worthy of your consideration. The unit retails for $139.95. It is a perfect choice for the cost-conscious consumer who wants a k cup brewer with most important options but not necessarily extra frills. Keurig's excellent customer service is an added bonus.

Where to Purchase
There are a whole host of places you can buy the B60. We've found that Amazon's prices are typically hard to beat, but you can also head over to the Green Mountain Coffee Roaster website if you'd prefer.

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