Kona Coffee Pods

One of the real marvels of the pod brewing system is that you can try some really expensive coffees for a reasonable price. Kona coffee pods are an excellent example of this. Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees on the planet. A pound of Kona beans costs anywhere from $30 to $70. Since a pod only needs to hold about 8-10 grams of coffee, however, you can have a cup of the legendary kona for around a buck. That might be a little steep for your everyday cup of coffee, but it makes a great treat on occasion. Let's take a look at the Kona coffee pods that are out there and help you decide which ones to try. Ones listed in bold are our favorites.

100% Kona Coffee Pods

  • Baronet 100% Kona Fancy — This is the gold standard as far as we're concerned in Kona coffee pods. It has that delicate, slightly woody flavor that's the hallmark of Kona coffee. We just beg that you forego the cream if at all possible. Kona does not hold up well to additional flavors.
  • Coffee Artisan 100% Kona Extra Fancy — This one is a close second to Baronet's. Try it as well. It has a little more acidity and a little stronger aroma.
  • Aloha Island's Diamond 100% Kona — This one's a step down from the first two in our opinion. It is still great, but somehow lacks the sparkle we so loved in the Baronet and Coffee Artisan pods. We still think this one's worthy of trying out, but it's not the best Kona out there.
  • Aloha Island's Gold 100% Kona — We can really taste the difference between this and the "Diamond" variety above. The "Gold" variety has a stronger acidity and can even stand up to a little cream. Ultimately, though, the flavor and aroma are a step down from the "Diamond."
  • Aloha Island's Platinum 100% — There's one more pure Kona offered by Aloha Island. The "Platinum" version is solid Kona in its own right but it does seem a little bland when we tasted it along side of the other Kona's. It just misses a "wow" factor, and let's face it, if you're drinking a Kona, you're looking for more than just a solid cup of coffee.
  • Aloha Island's Decaf 100% Kona Dark Roast — Excellent decaf Kona. This has slightly more bitterness than we prefer, but is definitely worth trying if you want decaf Kona coffee in a pod. It is ultra-smooth with an excellent, woody flavor.

Kona Coffee Blends

  • Cafejo Kona Blend — One of the best Kona coffee blends available in a pod. Has a nice, distict flavor.
  • Reunion Island Kona Blend — Solid. Has a pleasant, woody flavor and a nice hint of sweetness.
  • Black Mountain Gold Kona Blend — This is good in its own right, but Cafejo is so much better, we'd say pass on this one.
  • Aloha Island 10% Kona Lava Java — In a word, no. In two words, no way. Harsh bitterness with little redeeming value.

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