Starbucks K Cups

Starbucks K Cups represent the marriage of two of the great powerhouses in the world of coffee: Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (the owner of Keurig). It's really a match made in heaven for a lot of folks, and we're excited to be able to review these coffees for you.

This is not the first time Starbucks has entered the one cup coffee market. The company used to sell Starbucks coffee pods in their shops. Then, they moved to producing Tassimo t discs. Now, they've put their coffee in k cups. This should work really well since both Starbucks and Green Mountain excel at marketing above all else. They produce great coffee and then are able to market it in such away that we as consumers just feel we have to have it.

Dark Roasts

  • French Roast — All right! A great way to get started. This is classic Starbucks (it's up to you whether that's a positive or a negative). Very dark roast with an intense smokiness, while still maintaining a good deal of flavor (dark chocolate being the most pronounced). Also, this k cup has a nice bit of acidity, which is unusual for a Starbucks dark roast. One of the best things about this particular coffee is the aroma. It made us feel as if we were in a Starbucks coffee shop. Well done, Starbucks.
  • Caffè Verona — This one caused some arguments among our tasters. People either love this one or hate it. The Verona is dark and smoky, with a definite hit of sweetness. We did find that folks who liked adding cream and sugar to their coffee tended to love this Starbucks offering. If you prefer coffee to be sharp, lively, and acidic, this coffee is not for you. However, if you like a rich, complex coffee with cream and sugar added, definitely try this one out.
  • Sumatra — The Sumatran coffee is a step below the French Roast. It just seems too weak for a dark roast. In terms of flavor, the Sumatra as a bit of smokiness, though not nearly as much as we expected in a Starbucks dark roast. It has the classic earthiness of a Sumatran, and we were quite pleased that this coffee avoided the sourness that is the fatal weakness of many Sumatrans. The aroma, as with the French Roast, was wonderful. One other note on this one is that it feels quite "oily" in the mouth. That was a bit of a turn off for most of our tasters.

Medium Roasts

  • Pike Place — This is a really good medium roast. Once again, the aroma is absolutely fantastic. It has a crisp acidity and complex flavor. Smokiness is quite pronounced, especially in the aftertaste. Classic Starbucks. Another great k cup option.
  • House Blend — This was our favorite of the Starbucks k cups. In most worlds, this would be classified as a dark roast, but in the "Charbucks" world, they call it a medium. This coffee is wonderfully complex. It has the nice sweetness of caramel married to a crisp acicity. The acidity is quite pronounced, especially on the front end, so avoid this coffee if that's not how your roll.
  • Breakfast Blend — This is another solid option from Starbucks but is our least favorite of the Starbucks coffee pods. It is a little bit on the thin side and the "tang" is a little harsh. Overall, though, this one is still pretty good.

Light Roast

  • Veranda Blend — OK, first a word about calling this a "light roast," or in Starbucks' terms, a "blonde roast." This coffee is not light. Any other k cup manufacturer would call this and extra bold medium, or maybe even a dark roast. Of the Starbucks k cups, however, this is the lightest option you get. If you're a fan of Starbucks coffee, this might be a good option for you. It has a great aroma and a wonderful balance of acidity, smokiness, and sweetness. Fans of dark roasts might find this a little weak, but most will find this to be a good addition to the k cup lineup.


  • Starbucks does not currently offer any decaf k cups.

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