Is a Tassimo Coffee Maker
Right for Me?

A Tassimo Coffee Maker is the "jack of all trades" when it comes to the one cup coffee world. It can brew coffee, espressos, cappucinos, lattes, teas, and hot chocolate. If you crave this kind of variety, the Tassimo brewers are definitely worthy of your consideration.

One of the things we really like about these particular brewers are the t discs, Tassimos answer to k cups, pods, and capsules. Honestly this is a point of embarassment for our team. We like to think of ourselves as "coffee connoisseurs," yet a number of us find ourselves drawn to the Tassimo coffee maker for no other reason than we love how the t discs work. Each t disc has a bar code that is scanned by the Tassimo Brewer so that the coffee maker can handle each t disc optimally (brewed coffees are treated differently than teas and milk discs differently than espresso). This technology makes the Tassimo brewers a wondeful, no-fuss option.

We Recommend a Tassimo Coffee Maker for

People Who Crave Variety, but don't want multiple brewers — A Tassimo coffee brewer can make nearly any coffee drink you desire, and this is its chief strength. In terms of specialty coffee drinks, the Tassimo performs very well. Our testing panel was evenly divided between the Tassimo brewer and the Nescafe Dulce Gusto when it came to cappucinos and lattes, and all of our tasters preferred the Tassimo specialty coffees to those made by the new Keurig Vue.

When it comes to brewed coffee, the Tassimo is capable, but does not excel. Both Keurig and pod machines offer more variety of coffees (and superior quality of coffees). On the flip side, the Tassimo coffee makers do have more options for brewed coffee than does the Nescafe Dulce Gusto. Tassimo currently provides coffees by Gevalia, Maxwell House, Carte Noire, Jacobs, Kenco, and Nabob.

People Who Want the Machine to Take Care of Everything — The bar code system on the t discs means that you can pop in the disc and not give a second thought. The machine takes care of everything.

Not for Coffee Snobs — If you want the very best quality of brewed coffee, the Tassimo will ultimately dissapoint. While the coffee available will be acceptable to most, Tassimo does not excel at making brewed coffee. If you mainly drink brewed coffee, we'd recommend you pass on the Tassimo and take a look at our reviews of various k cup or pod brewers instead.

Bottom Line:

The Tassimo Coffee Maker is a "jack of all trades and master of none." On the plus side, you only have to purchase one coffee maker. It can brew great specialty coffee drinks and acceptable coffee. Oh, and don't forget that the t discs are just cool. On the down side, you will never have the coffee varieties available in Keurig and pod machines.

Pod Coffee Maker Models and Reviews

TassimoT10Tassimo T10

The Tassimo T10 is the entry level home brewer and is available only in black. It comes with a 68 ounce removable water tank. As with all Tassimo coffee brewers, the T10 comes equipped to read the bar codes on t discs in order to provide the correct pressure, temperature, water, and brew duration to match the disc being used. The T10 also has an adjustable cup stand to accommodate most mugs and cups.

TassimoT20Tassimo T20

The Tassimo T20 is a slightly sleeker version of the T10 and comes in black, white, or gray. The water tank is slightly smaller at 50 ounces). Other than that these brewers are virtually identical. The T20 has an adjustable cup stand and is made of plastic. This brewer comes equipped with the technology to read the bar codes on t discs in order to provide the correct pressure, temperature, amount of water, and brew duration to match the disc being used. In-depth review of the Tassimo T20

TassimoT45Tassimo T45

The Tassimo T45 "Suprema" adds some nice features. Whereas both the T10 and the T20 are made of plastic, the T45 has chrome accents, and a stainless steel drip tray. In addition, the T45 has an internal water filtration system to make sure your coffee doesn't get ruined by the "off tastes" of some drinking water. The T45 has a 61 ounce removable water tank and is available in either red or silver. In-depth review of the Tassimo T45

TassimoT65Tassimo T65

The Tassimo T65 "LCD Premium" is the top of the line Tassimo coffee maker. The T65 improves on the other models by adding a Multilingual LCD display to make the brewer more user friendly. Like the T45, the "LCD Premium" model has a 61 ounce removable water tank, chrome accents, stainless steel drip tray, and a water filtration system. In addition the T65 has a cup-stand light that illuminates when the brewer is in use. In-depth review of the Tassimo T65

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