Tassimo T45 Suprema:
A Closer Look

The Tassimo T45 should definitely be on your list if you're considering getting a Tassimo coffee maker. This brewer has all of the features that really matter and is available at a great price. If you do have any questions about Tassimo's t-disc technology in general, take a look at our overview of the Tassimo Coffee Makers. Otherwise read on about the Tassimo Suprema T45.


  • Intelligent barcode technology (to scan and properly brew t discs)
  • Mavea Maxtra water filtration system
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling
  • Instant heat-up and fast first cup
  • Removable 61 ounce water tank
  • Bosch 1 year warranty


  • 8" wide, 13.25" deep, 11" tall
  • 6.5 lbs empty
  • 1300 watts
  • 120VAC/60hz
  • UL approved for household use only
  • Brewing time: 90 seconds
  • Retail price: $139.99

Tassimo T45 Review
This is our favorite of the Tassimo brewers. Like all of the t disc coffee makers, the T45 utilizes barcode technology to automatically adjusts water temperature, brew time, and pressure to brew each drink correctly. Like all Tassimo brewers, the T45 can brew a whole range of different coffee drinks. And, while the this coffee maker is technically the "middle of the road" t disc brewer, it only lacks two features of the more expensive T65: the LCD screen and the illuminated cup stand. While these features are nice, we'd urge you to consider if they're worth an extra 30 bucks: they don't affect the brewing and quality of the coffee.

In the end, this is a personal choice. If you want the brewer that will look best sitting on you counter, you won't go wrong with the Tassimo T65. Otherwise, go with the T45.

This machine has one significant negative and that is the limited selection of coffee currently available for the Tassimo coffee makers.

The Tassimo brewers, including the T45, are typically trouble-free. They are sturdier than the Keurig machines and the vast majority of pod brewers. In addition, Bosch offers a 1 year limited warranty on this coffee maker.

Customer Service
Tassimo's customer service is just OK. They will take care of you, but we've heard a number of examples of customers being placed on hold for extended periods of time.

Bottom Line
If you don't mind the limited coffee choices, the Tassimo T45 is an excellent machine. With one machine, you can brew a whole array of different coffee drinks, from brewed coffee, to cappucinos, to hot chocolate. We would definitely recommend having this brewer on your short list if you're looking for a brewer that can do it all.

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