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Timothys Coffee is not our favorite roaster for the k cup brewers. As a whole, they are relatively sub-par. There are a few real gems in the Timothys Coffee lineup, however.

We highly recommend Rainforest Espresso (and its decaf version as well) if you like medium-dark or dark coffee. This roast is strong without being overpowering. The thing that we really enjoy about this coffee is that it is full of flavor and has a touch of sweetness. Often, dark roasts are simply burnt. The Rainforest Espresso avoids this pitfall.

If you're a fan of flavored coffees and like the taste of coconut, give the German Chocolate Cake a try. It's a solid flavored coffee with a nice combination of Baker's chocolate and coconut.

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Full List of Timothys Coffee K Cups
We've compiled all the Timothys Coffee k cups here along with our tasters' notes. Since there are so many coffees offered by Timothys, we've bolded the ones that we feel are particularly noteworthy.

Dark Roasts

  • Parisian Nights (Extra Bold) — Solid dark roast. Has a nice bit of smokey char without being overwhelming or hopelessly burnt. It does lack a bit of character, so we classify this one as good, but not great.
  • Midnight Magic (Extra Bold) — Again, this k cup is good, but not great. It has a nice flavor but nothing that really sets it apart. We thing Green Mountain's Dark Magic or Caribou's Obsidian are better options for this flavor profile.
  • Rainforest Espresso (Extra Bold) — Very nice. A great balance of char and sweetness. It also holds up well to cream and sugar. Great flavor.
  • Nicaraguan Organic Fair Trade (Extra Bold) — Many of our tasters liked this k cup simply because it had a distinctive flavor (often lacking in k cups), especially as it cooled. Honestly, as a Nicaraguan coffee, it is lacking, but it is still good because of the variety it gives to the k cup lineup. Has definite wood notes and a spicy component. We don't recommend adding cream and sugar.
  • San Lorenzo Dark — We did not care for this k cup option. It tastes as if they took inferior-quality coffee beans and over-roasted them. There is nothing distinctive about this k cup. Quick note from Jeremy (owner of this site): While I whole-heartedly agree with our tasters and don't think this is a particularly good k cup, every member of my family (my wife, my parents, my in-laws) loves this coffee. I don't understand, but it's a good reminder that coffee is an intensely personal choice.
  • French Roast — If you enjoy French Roasts, this is a very good option.

Medium Roasts

  • Kona Blend — We personally feel that Green Mountain has the best Kona blend; however, this is a matter of personal preference. We have received very good feedback on Timothys Kona, and many prefer it to Green Mountain's. Our main complaint is that while this coffee is very good, we don't taste the Kona element at all.
  • Columbian D'orado — Nope. This Columbian is weak and devoid of both body and flavor. The Columbian La Vereda below is superior.
  • Columbian La Vereda — This is a very good Columbian with a pleasant chocolate aroma. Most of our tasters wanted a little more from this k cup (perhaps a little darker roast?), but we do recommend the k cup for those who like medium to medium-light roasts.
  • Mocha Java — A Mocha Java is a blend of a bright, acidic coffee (Moka) and a dark, full bodied coffee (Java). Sorry, it doesn't have anything to do with chocolate! Timothys uses a combination of a medium-roasted Ethiopian and a dark-roasted Sumatran. We found this coffee to be quite sour and out of balance (the Java overpowered the Moka). While this coffee was not awful, we would not recommend it either.
  • Private Blend — Quite acidic and without any redeeming distinctive flavor. we don't recommend this coffee.
  • Italian Blend — Not what we expected at all. This is much brighter and thinner than what we expect from an Italian blend. Not a very good coffee, and definitely not a good Italian blend.

Light Roasts

  • Breakfast Blend — Weak and tart. Not recommended.
  • Morning Blend — Superior to the Breakfast Blend, but still just OK. There are better morning blends out there from Van Houtte, Green Mountain, and Caribou.


  • Rainforest Espresso Decaf (Extra Bold) — Excellent decaf from Timothys coffee. Many of our tasters even preferred this to the fully-leaded version. Has a wonderful combination of dark smokiness and sweetness.
  • Columbian Decaf — This is a very good Columbian decaf. Has enough flavor to hide that it's a decaf.


  • Caramel Vanilla Nut — Pretty decent. Very similar to Green Mountain's Rainforest Nut. Good flavored k cup.
  • Cinnamon Pastry — Has a wonderful aroma while brewing and a pleasant taste in the cup. This is a solid flavored option.
  • French Vanilla — If you enjoy vanilla flavored coffees, we think you'll enjoy this one. It doesn't have the chemically taste so prevalent in vanilla coffee.
  • Hazelnut — Another pretty solid flavored k cup without any weird aftertastes.
  • German Chocolate Cake — We liked this k cup and found it reminiscent of a Mounds bar. Well done!
  • Irish Cream — We found this flavored coffee to be nothing short of foul and have received nearly unanimous negative feedback on this coffee. Try at your own risk.

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