Tullys Coffee: Quality over Quantity

Tullys Coffee is a little unusual in the world of k cups. Most roasters use a bit of a shotgun approach. They make a number of different coffees with the idea that you'll like a few of them. Tullys, on the other hand, focuses their attention on making only a few coffees, and making them very well. They hand roast their coffees in small batches. The end result is that you really can't go wrong here. Let's start by looking at the offerings that Tullys makes available. After each k cup, we'll give our thoughts. One thing to keep in mind is that all of Tullys coffees are extra bold, meaning that they have an extra 20% more coffee than the normal k cup.

Dark Roasts

  • French Roast — A truly excellent French with tons of flavor and great balance. The characteristic smoky char is there without being overwhelming or bitter. Bear in mind that this is a very dark roast, so avoid this if that's not how you roll.
  • Italian Roast — A good dark roast, but lacks the wow element to put this in a "top 10" list. Has a nice smoky char, but not as "ashy" as the French. Also has a nice bit of sweetness and dark chocolate notes.
  • Sumatra — A great Sumatran. One of things we liked best about this coffee was that it has a rich, syrupy body that rarely exists in k cup coffee.

Medium Roasts

  • Kona Blend — This is a perfectly acceptable medium roast, but there's really no Kona component to speak of. Kona blends rarely excite us and that's because what makes Kona so special is eliminated in blends.
  • Madison Blend — Very nice. A complex coffee with a wonderful aroma. Definitely recommended.
  • Full City — This full city roast is just bordering on being overly harsh. We thought this coffee was merely OK.
  • House Blend — This is a very good medium. Smooth with a hint of sweetness and a nice full body.
  • Fair Trade Organic Evergreen — Another solid medium. This coffee doesn't stand out but has a great balance. Update: This coffee was retired by Tullys in 2011.

Light Roast

  • Breakfast Blend — A pretty decent light roast with a good amount of flavor. There's nothing "wow" about this coffee, but it is pleasant.


  • French Roast Decaf — This coffee is good in its own right but pales in comparison to the caffeinated version.
  • House Blend Decaf — This decaf tastes very much like the leaded version. A definite keeper.

Nearly everything by Tullys Coffee is excellent; however, there are a few that really are top notch. The French Roast is consistently rated as one of the finest dark roasts available in a k cup. We always have plenty of this on hand. Tullys Sumatra is our favorite Sumatran available in a k cup. Among the medium roasts, you'll definitely want to try the Madison Blend.

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