Van Houtte Coffee: Hard to Find, but Definitely Worth It

Van Houtte Coffee is perhaps the least well-known of all the k cup brands, and this is a shame. Van Houtte consistently makes some of the best coffees for the k cup brewers. The reason for this company's relative anonymity is that Van Houtte Coffee is difficult to get a hold of outside of Canada. Nevertheless, we'd recommend that you try to get a hold of the following k cups.

Recommended Van Houtte K Cups

  • Eclipse
    This is the real standout in the dark roasts. Too often, strong coffees are simply the result of burnt beans. The end result is that you feel like your licking an ash tray when you drink the coffee. The Eclipse avoids this problem. It is among the strongest of the k cups, but it still has a nice complexity to it.
  • Pink Ribbon
    This is an excellent medium roasts. It has a pleasant sweetness that reminds us of caramelized sugar.
  • Costa Rica Terazzu
    If you like light roasts, then definitely try this one. It's the best light roast k cup out there. Van Houtte Coffee has roasted this coffee to be pleasantly sweet and silky smooth.
  • Raspberry Chocolate Truffle
    This coffee is truly fantastic. It has definite berry and chocolate notes while still providing enough coffee flavor to be interesting.

Where to Buy
Van Houtte Coffee is difficult to find online. You essentially have three main options for purchasing this company's k cups.


Full List of K Cups by Van Houtte Coffee
We've compiled all the Van Houtte k cups here as well as our tasters' thoughts on each.

Dark Roasts

  • 100% Columbian Dark — This is a solid dark roast but is nothing really special. It is smooth with a good body, but lacks complexity.
  • Eclipse Extra Bold — Alright ... this is dark. A powerful, full-bodied coffee that still manages to maintain an excellent flavor. This coffee definitely has a charred taste but stops short of being burnt.
  • Midnight Express — A solid dark roast in its own right, but did not get the rave reviews of the Eclipse.
  • French Roast — Another good dark roast. Our tasters did get a little confused on this one because it lacks the charred taste so characteristic of French roasts.
  • Napoletano — Sweet, dark, and smooth. This used to be one of the best dark roasts available, but has slipped just a notch in our book because it just leaves us wanting a litte more substance. This is still a coffee you should give a try if you like medium-dark roasts.
  • Kenya Kilimanjaro Extra Bold — A great dark roast that provides the rich flavor we expect in a dark roast while maintaining the more delicate berry and floral elements so characteristic of Kenyan coffee. Well done!
  • Fair Trade Organic (FTO) Mexico — Single origin roasts are pretty rare in the k cup format. This one is rock solid. It has a flavor and aroma that's difficult to describe. If you're a fan of unique coffees, this is one you should try.

Medium Roasts

  • 100% Columbian Medium — This is just average all the way around. Our tasters liked the initial acidity, but then the coffee just fell flat. There are better Columbian coffees out there.
  • Amazonia Blend — Our tasters were all over the map on this. None thought it was great, but some thought it was perfectly fine with a nice nuttiness. Other tasters thought it bordered on undrinkable. Only try this if your really want to.
  • Pink Ribbon — This is a great medium roast. Sweet with slight floral notes. Very smooth with an almost syrupy consistency.
  • Honduras Medium Extra Bold — Another solid offering. This didn't wow any of our tasters, but is pleasant all the way around. Sweet and "woodsy" taste with nice body and slight acidity.

Light Roasts

  • Costa Rica — If you're a fan of light roasts, this is definitely worth a try. Sweet and very smooth.


  • Decaf Extra Bold Medium — Even though this is extra bold, we found this to be quite thin.
  • Decaf Swiss Water (light roast) — Not a whole lot of character but has a nice acidic zing. None of our tasters would buy a box of it, but it definitely would be a fit for some.
  • Decaf Hazelnut — As is so often the case with flavored coffees, the flavoring is a bit off and "chemically." Still, this is a fine coffee with good body.


  • Belgian Chocolate — We didn't particularly care for this one. It had a thin coffee taste and chemically flavoring.
  • Butterscotch — As with the Blegian Chocolate, this one is very thin. If you like light, flavored coffees, though, you may like this.
  • Creme Brulee — Our preferences are definitely showing (we aren't generally fans of flavored coffees). This one just doesn't do it for us. The coffee is OK, with a definite eggy flavor. We recommend holding off on the cream with this one since the combination of cream with the flavoring of the coffee produces a vile mixture.
  • French Vanilla — Again, very thin. We did appreciate, however, that this one doesn't have a chemically aftertaste.
  • Pecan Praline — No. No. No. We found this to have a very artificial caramel flavor and was unbearably thin even at the smallest setting.
  • Raspberry Chocolate Truffle — Yeah! Finally, a good flavored coffee. This tastes just like it sounds. Well done!
  • Vanilla Hazelnut — This one's OK, but we're really biased against vanilla flavored coffee. If this is how you roll, it's good for a vanilla coffee.

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