Wolfgang Puck K Cups

Our whole crew was excited when the Wolfgang Puck k cups were released. We had enjoyed them in the pod format and had high expectations of the k cups. Unfortunately this coffee for some reason did not translate well into the k cup. We believe a few of them are worth a try, but as a whole, there are better options out there.

There are a few kcups in the Wolfgang Puck coffee lineup that are worthy of your attention. The first is Jamaica Me Crazy. I don't know that any single kcup has caused such division among our tasters. We have folks who love the prominent vanilla, coconut, and Kahlua flavoring. Others thought the coffee was nearly unpalatable. It's definitely worth a try though if you like flavored coffees.

If you like vanilla flavored coffees, the Vanilla Francaise is worth a shot. It has a definite "artificial" taste as nearly every vanilla flavored coffee does; however, this is one of the better vanilla coffees out there.

Where to Buy

  • Amazon.com
  • Coffeewiz.com
  • Coffeeicon.com
  • Coffeecart.com
  • KenozaCoffee.com

Full List of Wolfgang Puck K Cups
We've compiled all the Wolfgang Puck k cups here, along with our general thoughts on each. Coffees listed in bold reviewed the best reviews among our tasters.

Dark Roasts

  • French Roast (Extra Bold) — Very good French Roast. It doesn't have the characteristic char, but has definite tobacco notes. It is full and rich, playing well with cream.
  • Sumatra Kopi Raya — A poor example of a Sumatran. Thin and sour with an unpleasant aftertaste. Not recommended.
  • Chef's Reserve Colombian — This Colombian is poor. While there is nothing overtly disgusting about it, it doesn't bring anything to the table. There are many better Colombian options.

Medium Roasts

  • Breakfast in Bed Blend — Another sub-par offering. Non-descript coffee with little going for it.
  • Sorrento Fair Trade (Extra Bold) — A decent Colombian coffee with a nice aroma. There's still nothing special about this coffee but is palatable.
  • Rodea Drive — Reaching new depths in the Wolfgang Puck lineup. This coffee starts OK but gets progressively worse as it cools. Not recommended.
  • Vienna Coffee House (Extra Bold) — Has a nice acidic taste on the front end with pleasant nuttiness. However, that initial pop is all this coffee has going for it. This coffee is just OK.

Light Roasts

  • Wolfgang Puck does not currently offer any light roast k cups.


  • Chef's Reserve Colombian Decaf — Even worse than the caffeinated version. Not recommended


  • Hawaiian Hazelnut — OK. It tastes like hazelnut coffee and is not overtly offensive. In the end, however, there's nothing special here.
  • Jamaica Me Crazy — See the comments above in the recommendations section. Our tasters were so divided on this coffee that it's difficult to make heads or tales of it. Personally, I found this coffee unpleasant with chemically flavors abounding.
  • Vanilla Francais — A decent vanilla coffee. It is chemically in flavor but will appeal to those who like vanilla coffee.

Update: On February 3, 2012 we learned from Van Houtte, that the Wolfgang Puck kcups were being discontinued. We're leaving the list up on the site for the time being since you can still find these kcups. In our view, losing the Wolfgang Puck kcups results in no great loss. There are so many better kcups out there.

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